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Make Sure Your Summer Camp Is Safe

It’s come to our attention that outbreaks at summer camps have been happening more frequently and there have been quite a few reported cases this summer.

Intestinal illness is the main culprit. The worst cases have involved stomach ailments like E. Coli and norovirus from foods, like bacteria in meat. One rare case was due to sewage contaminating bodies of water used for swimming and water sports/activities.

California specifically has been experiencing a large number of camp closures. A camp in Marin had an outbreak where campers complained of a flu-like illness, which was later confirmed norovirus. Norovirus is very contagious and fast-spreading.

Berkeley Tuolumne Family Camp shut down because of a stomach virus and a camper in Danville was even hospitalized after a gastrointestinal illness that was severely vomit inducing.

Investigations are being done on these foodborne and waterborne diseases and updates will be discussed on KGO Newstalk AM 810 if you are local or you can stream it here.

This goes back to the effectiveness of vaccinations – make you sure check out our blog on vaccinating your kids.

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