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Meet Emma Jenner

Emma Jenner, founder of Emma’s Children, is a child development and behavioral specialist, classically trained in England, specializing in childcare at Salisbury College. For over a decade, Emma’s vast array of expertise ranges from being a pre-school school teacher, professional nanny, baby nurse, parenting specialist and consultant.

Across the socio-economic spectrum, Emma has been fortunate enough to work with high-profile and celebrity families around the world and with children that don’t even have a home. Such expertise amounts to a degree of knowledge that not only allows for flexibility, understanding and patience, but an advantage over the average specialist.

You may recognize Emma from TLC’s “Take Home Nanny” where she gave parents the confidence and tips to regain control of their children. If you enjoyed that video, check back soon to the EC YouTube channel or download us on VMS with your smart phone.

Emma’s expertise has been broadcast on syndicated radio shows as well as several parenting magazines. You’ll find Emma on the expert panel of LA Parent.

Emma founded a sleep consulting business and a nanny-training academy in Los Angeles, and in 2009 launched her newest venture, Emma’s Children. She focuses on creating customized solutions to parenting for your family. The ultimate goal of Emma’s Children is to enhance the lives of children by supporting and educating parents.

A fun-loving, busy individual, Emma believes in raising children with a firm, disciplined, yet loving and nurturing approach — one that insists on good manners and respect to and from all family members. She strives in her work to strengthen parent and child relationships creating harmony in the home.

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