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NPR: Baby’s Skin

NPR recently posted an article on baby’s skin. Summer is a beautiful time of year to be outdoors and also time to order new sun protection. The harmful effects of the suns rays on a baby’s skin are the most damaging but all parents should be proactive about child skincare. There are new issues when it comes to protecting your child’s skin, specifically with the type of sunscreen used on your child.

Pediatric journals have all said baby’s skin is much different from adults since it is thinner, holds more water and less pigmented. Melanoma is also associated with early on sun exposure, so it is imperative that parents begin using skin protection young. Now sunscreens should protect from both UVB radiation which causes sunburn and UVA radiation which causes wrinkles and aging.

Many sunscreens are made with potentially harmful chemicals. A new study by the CDC shows that almost every American is contaminated with oxybenzone, a chemical primarily used in sunscreen (also lip products, perfumes, others). Oxybenzone is linked to cell damage, allergies, hormone disruption and recently to low birth weight from mothers exposed while pregnant.

Many sunscreens also cause rashes and irritation, which babies are more prone to. Thankfully there are new chemical-free formulas. Some of our favorites are Aveeno Baby Sunblock Lotion and Avalon Organics Baby Natural Mineral Sunscreen.

Mustella is another excellent company for baby and child skincare. Also a plus – they sell sunscreen for the ultra-sensitive.

Stay safe this summer and keep beautiful skin glowing!

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