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“Hot Sauce Mum” Trial Begins

Tough love or child abuse?

If you haven’t heard about the controversial mum from Anchorage, here are the major details: A recent episode of the “Dr. Phil” show aired a mother disciplining her 7-year-old son by putting hot sauce in his mouth and forcing him into a cold shower. The video was filmed by her daughter may I add, so she had to watch this awful event unfold.

We have included the video below but I must warn you, it is truly appalling. There are so many ways to discipline a child without torturing them. Discipline, with a firm yet loving approach is important to redirect bad behavior, but these torture tactics are horrendous and simply disturbing.

It literally brings tears to my eyes…..No-one, let alone a child should ever be treated like this, he sadly doesn’t know any different. Jessica Beagley clearly reinforces this type of punishment, in the video she questions him about what happens when he acts out? The child is scared and sobbing when he answers “hot sauce.” This is not the first time the poor child has endured this pain.

As for the woman’s family, they are supporting her. They say she is getting a bad rap for making a mistake. A repeated mistake to a child she adopted? The boy in the video and his brother were adopted from Russia. The woman reportedly has six children. Did she take on too much responsibility? Six children is overwhelming but still no excuse.

Jessica Beagley has lost control, she needs help and some serious parenting guidance. Little does she realize that her actions would never effect a positive change her child’s behavior, but make matters ten times worse.

She should absolutely be charged with child abuse, this is not what we want our children or society thinking is OK!

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