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Is Your Babysitter Qualified?

Hiring a babysitter can be a daunting task. It’s hard enough leaving your kids but making sure they are in safe hands can ease your worries. It’s okay to be selective in this process; actually it is imperative!

You need to begin your search early so you can schedule a personal interview with the potential sitter, check their references and allow your children to meet them. You can get a feel for their personality and put your kids at ease, which makes for a much better transition.

A key factor in finding a good sitter is asking friends and people in your community. References make a world of difference so take the time to call them, anyone can ace an interview, but past employment will speak volumes about their character.

An ideal sitter would have gone through a training course of some kind – many teens now take a babysitting preparation course called Safe Sitter. Being certified in first aid and CPR is a must.

[You should even suggest paying for any regular babysitter you use to get these certificates if they don’t. CPR and first aid can usually be completed in a day class and are relatively available and reasonably priced.]

A great new device on the market is the Talking CPR Kit. These are small and portable kits, they include everything you need for safe CPR; A mask, gloves, instructions for adult, child, and baby and it gives audio instructions for both chest compressions and mouth-to-mouth. These are a great tool to keep in your child’s room, diaper bag and in the car. CPR is a Proven lifesaving skill, make sure anyone watching your child is trained, including you!

Go over the following questions:

  • Is she reliable, and responsible?
  • Do your children like the sitter and seem happy with them?
  • Did she interact with the children?
  • Did your sitter pay close attention to your children?
  • Did the sitter follow your house rules-were the children in bed by their bedtime?
  • Has there ever been any accidents?
  • Pay attention to your instincts – is this person trustworthy?

Your TO-DO’s as a Parent:

  • Leave your cell number, where you’ll be and the emergency telephone numbers (doctor, local police, relatives, neighbors)
  • Keep first aid/CPR charts or kits handy and in-view
  • Lock all doors and windows on your way out
  • Close curtains and blinds and keep outside lights on
  • Do not arrange for any deliveries while out
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