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Halloween FUN with Emma

Print our free Halloween coloring page below for your kids! Just for fun or use to entertain kids at your Halloween party! [Courtesy of Emma’s Children]

Safe Halloween Tips for Lil’ Trick-or-Treaters!

  • Have adults present to supervise if you’re not old enough
  • Map out a route before trick-or-treating and stick to it
  • Go to areas with plenty of people around
  • Visit friendly, welcoming homes with decorations & lights on
  • Stay outside & never go into a stranger’s house
  • If your costume is dark, remain visible with glow sticks or a flashlight
  • Look at your candy before you eat it to make sure no one tampered with it
  • Obey normal laws like looking both ways and using crosswalks
  • Have Fun & Get LOTS of Candy!

Happy Halloween!

From Emma’s Children

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