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Promoting A Positive Self-Esteem

Helping your child build a positive self-esteem is one of the most important things you will do as a parent. Self esteem does not come naturally, it is something you can promote or destroy.

Self-esteem is a key factor in every child’s life because it is the root of everything. Behavior, outlook, self-image, happiness and confidence are all affected by a child’s self-esteem.

Self-esteem can make the difference between your child achieving in life or being defeated. When life throws challenges and obstacles in your child’s way, which it will, how would you like them to handle it?

Emma’s Top 8 Tips to Promote a Positive Self-Esteem in your Child

  1. Role model a healthy self esteem by showing love for yourself.
  2. Provide a secure and loving environment where you all openly communicate.              This also includes eating dinner at the table together.
  3. Give honest compliments and praise.                                                                                      This builds a strong foundation by reassuring your child that they are strong, confident individuals.
  4. Encourage and support them to try new things.                                                                     Limit or exclude media (computer, TV, phones, etc.) and provide stimulating activities. Too much media can distort their reality (violence and disempowering women)
  5. Set realistic expectations and attainable goals.                                                                   Instill at an early age that knowledge and education are important.
  6. Help your child make friends and fit in.                                                                                     Be involved in who they are friends with. Host play dates and meet their friends at school.
  7. Don’t label your child or let others. No name calling!
  8. Don’t over parent. Promote their confidence and let them be kids.

© Emma’s Children, 2011.

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