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“Big Feats” Children’s Book Review

Jeff Botch’s new book, “Big Feats,” does just that – shows children how to achieve their goals and discover their courage. Botch helps children explore their emotions in a positive way they will understand and presents messages using examples they will encounter.

Most parents would agree it is important to talk about feelings and show how to express oneself without bottling it up. “Big Feats” puts your child in a situation they very well may have or will experience themselves. The character, probably around age ten, goes through challenges and typical feelings that kids experience like losing at a sporting event or anger.

“Big Feats” even touches on some of the harder issues our kids face like being made fun of, getting laughed at, and wanting to give up. The book is highly relatable and I would recommend it to children seven years and up. This book can help your child recognize certain behaviors and manage various situations. The book is something a parent could read and adapt for younger children. There is a great parents question guide so you can make sure your child fully understands and reaps the benefits on this book.



“Big Feats” emphasizes the importance of family. My favorite part is when the main character writes down activities to do as a family and mom puts it on the fridge. That is a great idea to pull families together and for a child to get their needs and wants across to their parents.




‘“Big Feats” follows Botch’s ASAP model: Attitude, self-development, action and persistence, which I love. Botch is a sales professional who uses his ASAP model not only when working with children but to bring a sense of self and community to many working adults. The illustrations are excellent and the use of different sports can appeal to many kids.

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  2. Sounds like a wonderful book! It’s so important to not only read to our children, but to read books that can teach and make a great impact. Looking forward to checking this book out!

    October 8, 2012

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