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Free Flu Vaccines for Bay Area Kids!

It is recommended that all children 6 months and up get the influenza vaccine.

Flu season is October through May but it’s best to get the flu shot early in the season. This way your child will have the chance to build up immunity to the flu. Protection will begin about 2 weeks after receiving the vaccine. The 2012-2013 flu vaccine protects from both seasonal flu and H1N1.

You’re in luck!

The entire month of December, Bay Area children ages 4 through 18 can get vaccinated for FREE!


“Shoo The Flu” provides free flu shots at your local Target stores. ‘Shoo The Flu’ is made possible by the Page Family Foundation.

Please note: this is only available during December so take advantage it now!

Please share, ‘Shoo The Flu’ with your Bay Area friends and on your social media. The more children that can benefit from this the better!!

Stay well this winter and  Shoo The Flu!


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