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Beat the Winter Blues

Are you feeling the effects of winter yet?

Supercharge your kids and family for winter by keeping healthy. Winter viruses spread quickly through schools and homes. Staying inside more = more bacteria.

Load up on hand wash. Try something fun for the kids, like a foam soap. This is one of my favorites by JR Watkins, and you can find it at most Target stores.


Change common household items more frequently, especially if someone in your family is sick. Towels, toothbrushes, bedding, wash stuffed animals, and wash toys well in hot soapy water.

Don’t let kids get dehydrated. Let them pick out a cool water bottle and slip it in their backpack each morning. The top choices for BPA-free kids water bottles are below. I especially like the Camelbak (the middle bottle) – it comes complete with straw!


Although it’s chilly out, bundle your child and encourage them to play outside (even if only for 20-30 minutes) while the sun is shining. They can still get Vitamin D from the sun when it’s cold out! It is a great immune and mood booster. The power of fresh air is magic!!

Before leaving the house make sure their feet and head are warm. Moisture wick socks are great under boots to stop rashes or other foot problems.

Using a humidifier during bedtime is also great for staying healthy and comfortable. If you do see sickness coming on, opt for supplements like Echinacea and Goldenseal. You can even find these in “drop” form. You just put them under their tongue or drop in juice.


Even more importantly, eat healthy food (with lots of greens) to boost your immune system. Foods high in vitamin C, zinc, fiber, and probiotics are all helpful in doing so during the cold months.

Lastly, go as a family and get your flu shots! This is especially important for expecting or breastfeeding moms. Parents and caregivers/nannys should also get the whooping cough vaccine.

Wishing you all the best for a healthy and fun 2013,


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