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A Rainy Day: Think Outside the Box.

Fun ideas for rainy day weekends that don’t involve sticking the kids in front of the TV. Here are my top ten activities:

  1. Good old fashioned hide and seek! Kids will be entertained for hours. Establish some rules and let them go at it. Get creative by using cardboard boxes, hiding under pillows and blankets, etc.
  2. Charades – your children can act out a favorite book or movie (they can make props, costumes, etc.) For example, they can act out the Lion King and cut out/color their own face masks! Pretty simple – paper plates, construction paper & markers!make your own paper plate animal masks
  3. Perform a puppet show – make your own if you don’t have any. Finally a use for all those socks with no partner!sock-puppets
  4. “No bake” recipes or “snacklaces” – I LOVE both! Recipes that don’t require the oven are excellent for kids because they can really get involved. One of my favorite “no bake” recipes is for Energy Bites: a healthy snack that tastes absolutely delicious.”Snacklaces” are simple: String Cheerios on any type of ribbon or even better – thin licorice ropes (edible!)ImageGen.ashx
  5. Have an indoor picnic or tea party. Maybe your girls will even want to dress up “fancy” or wear a hat and gloves. Proper tea time!
  6. Build a fort by the window & watch the rain. They can read in their fort or just hang – it can be their own secret place. Clothespins and sheets and get to it.nate_fort3
  7. Make their own book. You can attach some blank pages together and let their minds go to work.
  8. Go on a treasure hunt (have dollar store items on hand for a rainy day – like a bunch of dinosaurs or dolls. Then they will play with them after, too!)
  9. Dress up and play shop – Setting up a grocery store is really fun and for older children you can use real money and get them counting.
  10. When all else fails, go to crayons. Coloring or even writing a letter to grandma. This could be a great time to catch up on those holiday thank-you notes!

Tip: If your child objects or doesn’t want to play, let them sit there – boredom will come and it’s good for them. They will come up with something to do and if they don’t, they can always help you with the laundry or dishes! That will certainly help them find something to do.

You should not constantly entertain your child, let them use their imagination!

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