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Praying for Boston

The tragedy at the Boston Marathon has left me nearly speechless but I want to post a short something offering my condolences to all those affected. Runners, families, friends, Boston residents, and those we lost.

It will take time for the horror of what happened to set in. Two bomb blasts that killed people, including an 8-year-old boy, will forever change America. It’s an absolutely horrific crime and I hope they catch who is responsible soon.


It is best to shield your children from these horrific events and images. However, if they get wind of these tragic events it’s best to talk about it and be honest. Encourage an open forum so your child can ask questions.

Younger children can’t process horrific events like this, and really only think about how things effect them or could potentially effect them, so be sure to reassure your child that they are safe.

If you’re in need of one, an excellent resource is the National Child Traumatic Stress Network.

They have specific terrorism resources for parents and children. How to heal after a crisis, how to talk to them about it, and what to do when it comes to media coverage. They also have resources for children and families who were injured.

The thing that can bring us hope is all the heroes that rushed to aid those hurt by the explosions, who risked their lives and invited strangers into their homes with open hearts.

Don’t forget to Tweet #PrayForBoston and show your support.



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