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A Call to End Use of Antibiotics in Animals

While glancing over my morning paper, I saw a full page ad from the Consumers Union that really caught my attention.

Due to recent alarming Consumer Reports, the Consumers Union has established the ‘Meat Without Drugs’ campaign. You can get involved by reading more on the issue and signing their petition.

The Consumers Union is calling on national grocer, Trader Joe’s, to stop selling meat and poultry raised with antibiotics because it threatens public health. Animals raised on antibiotics can spread drug resistant “superbugs.”


Why are “superbugs” a threat?

“These organisms can cause foodborne illnesses and other infections. Worse, they spread antibiotic-resistance, which threatens to bring on a post-antibiotic era where important medicines critical to treating people could become ineffective.”

Why do farmers use antibiotics on livestock?

You may be surprised to hear 80% (and growing!) of all antibiotics sold in the US aren’t used on humans, but livestock. Antibiotics are used to make the animals grow faster and prevent disease from crowded/unsanitary conditions on factory farms.


The Consumers Union is looking to Trader Joe’s because they are one of the most progressive national grocers. Trader Joe’s has already said no to GMOs, artificial colors, and trans fats in their products.

Trader Joe’s was an industry leader by being the first to offer affordable organic foods and cage-free eggs. While they do offer some chicken, turkey, and beef raised without antibiotics, they continue to sell meat from animals raised on drugs.

They are already half way there, so consumers are looking to them to start a change among all grocers. You can help too by signing the petition and not purchasing meat raised on antibiotics. Also, educate your family and kids on why they shouldn’t put artificial products in their bodies.

I’ll leave you with this:

“We shouldn’t waste these critical medications to make animals grow faster or to prevent disease. Humans don’t take antibiotics to prevent disease and neither should healthy farm animals.”

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