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Top Educational Apps for Children

Although I don’t believe in overusing screen time, when your family is traveling this summer an iPad or tablet can be a wonderful help to keep kids occupied on a long flight or road trip. Before you leave, you’ll want to stock your device with age-appropriate and educational apps so they’ll be handy for your children.

Keep your travels stress-free and when it gets to that point (you know what I’m talking about!) pull out your iPad and let the kids explore.  Sometimes mum and dad need a moment of quiet. Kids can happily check out your parent-approved apps and you can get on with your Kindle or just enjoy a peaceful journey.

Apps on a smart phone or tablet can be more than just mind-numbing entertainment when you make age-appropriate and educationally stimulating choices.

With so many choices on the market and new apps coming out everyday, I have boiled it down to a few tried and true top learning apps for children based on age.


Alien Buddies

(iPhone, iPad, iPod touch)

This fun app promotes letter, number, shape and color identification and matching with a space theme. Kids can choose to match by sight or sound. There are also three other games for puzzle play, dot-to-dot and virtual stickers that builds children’s confidence as they excel.


Eurotalk’s Math age 3-5

(iPhone, iPad, iPod touch)

Children are guided by a virtual teacher through matching, patterning and more. Kids do several lessons before reaching quiz mode where they can earn a certificate to email to family!

Endless Alphabet

(iPhone, iPad, android)

Tiny monsters lead the way for fun with words! Kids learn the ABC’s and new words. The vocabulary words are accompanied by illustrations of what they mean.



Plume’s School Animals: Discover Animal Names and Sounds with Plume

(iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, android)

This one can really overlap age groups. Younger children will have fun learning and identifying animals and older kids can benefit by learning the animal names in another language such as English, Japanese or French. There are three difficulty levels to choose from!

Sushi Monster by Scholastic

(iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, android)

This monster is hungry for sushi! Kids need to complete a math sentence with the numbered sushi pieces in order to feed the monster. This offers advanced practice in elementary addition and multiplication but with a fast-paced and challenging theme.


Aesop’s Quest

(iPhone, iPad, iPod touch)

This reading app allows children to test their comprehension skills. They must follow along with the story closely to gather clues and answer questions. Puzzle pieces are earned by answering questions and completing levels.

Please let me know if you have a favorite educational app that keeps your child entertained.

Wishing you safe and stress-free travels this summer. Enjoy!

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  1. Also check out teachme and splash math apps. They have apps for every grades. My kids are their super fans

    June 26, 2013
  2. sara #

    very well it is important post

    lessons from kids

    July 14, 2013

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