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New Wave of Healthy Eating Guidelines

The obesity problem of today’s children is being tackled with another wave of changes and guidelines set forth by the USDA. The government organization will be unveiling new strategies for smart snacking that compliment the lunch programs put in place in 2010.

More than 50 million children will be positively impacted by small changes in what is offered in vending machines and lunch rooms across America. Limits on fats, sugar and sodium as well as encouraging children to choose whole grains, produce and lean proteins will make a huge difference in the way children eat. The new set of standards also includes varying portion size depending on age group. These are great steps in the right direction.

The National School Lunch Program provided low-cost or free lunches to over 31.6 million children in 2010. There are many other children whose parents depend on schools to provide their children with a nutritious lunch. Now, the USDA is determined to offer healthy snacks as well. Schools and vendors have one year to comply with the new standards.

Nearly one in three children are overweight. The term “epidemic” is not overreaching! It will be very interesting to see if those numbers can decline once all schools have had a dietary overhaul.  Parents, schools and the USDA are collaborating to take on the health issues that children face in order to build strong leaders of the future!


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