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App Review: Storypanda Books!

Storypanda Books In-App Purchase

It’s Okay to be Different  by Todd Parr


The first thing that drew me to Todd Parr is his use of vibrant colors, which I have to say look even better on an iPad! His illustrations are simple and smart. The message is that it’s okay to need help sometimes, be from a non-traditional family, have a different appearance, or to have a disability. This is a truly important message to teach our children.

This app will not disappoint when your child is laughing over “it’s okay to have a pet worm,” or “it’s okay to help a squirrel collect nuts.” It’s a perfect app for a child who is just starting to read because the sentences come up in pieces. They won’t get overwhelmed because they can click when they’re ready, so it lets them read at their own pace. It’s also a sweet story to share with your toddler and read together while letting them use their finger.

The app is easy to use and will actually keep your child’s interest. Why? In Todd Parr’s It’s Okay to Be Different they have to tap the screen to enhance the graphics. One of my favorites is “it’s okay to be a different color.” Two black and white zebras are on the page and when you click one suddenly becomes rainbow colored! They provide such fun visuals and sensory images for your child.


The best part of this app? At the end of reading, you and your child can create your own version of the story. You can change the characters, backgrounds, props, etc. You can change almost anything! Storypanda also lets your child share their creation with their friends.


My favorite thing about the Storypanda app as a whole is the homepage. When you open the app you arrive at your child’s virtual bookshelf. Stories for them to read on one shelf, stories they made on another, and stories from their friends on the last. It’s just as if they walked up to their bookshelf at home, but they are able to see all their stories in one organized place (without pulling them out and making a mess!)

Todd Parr’s in-app purchase is definitely worth it because it’s something your child will read time and time again, make their own stories, and save them to share! You can click here if you want to buy It’s Okay to be Different via iTunes!


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