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Mother’s Day Giveaway!

Win an advanced copy of Keep Calm and Parent On, my new book debuting July 15th published by Simon & Schuster.


It’s wonderful that we have Mother’s Day to recognize and appreciate all that mother’s do, but let’s not limit it to one day a year.

The first chapter in my book is called “The Dignified Parent: For Mum and Dad” where I talk about the importance of taking care of you. It’s the first chapter because I feel it’s the most important. Being a good parent does not mean negating all of your own needs.

Some of my tips for moms include:

  • Make sure you’re getting enough sleep
  • Don’t let everything revolve around your children
  • Cut yourself some slack, things won’t always be perfect
  • Ask for help
  • Keep calm and keep smiling… even when you may want to scream!

This Mother’s Day, and everyday, take some time for you.

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