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Emma’s Halloween Tips & Tricks

Halloween is one of my favorite times of the year. Costumes, decorations and watching all the kids’ faces light up as they trick-or-treat!

Multi-ethnic children dressed in Halloween costumes

Here are a few of my tips for having a safe and fun Halloween night. Go over my list before you leave the house so your child is aware of your expectations.

  • Map out a route before you go trick-or-treating and stick to it
  • Go to areas with plenty of people around & only go to welcoming houses with decorations and lights on
  • Explain about staying on paths & respecting people’s property – no trampling flower beds or touching decorations (unless they say it’s ok!)
  • Stay outside & never go into a stranger’s house
  • If your costume is dark, remain visible with glow sticks or a flashlight
  • Look at your candy before you eat it to make sure no one tampered with it & ask before you eat!
  • Take only one candy unless offered more –  let them know there will be a lot of kids out trick-or-treating & we need to leave enough candy for everyone
  • Remind them to say “Thank You!” even if they don’t like the candy offered

Most importantly, be safe, have fun & get plenty of candy 🙂

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