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Our children don’t come with a “getting started” manual and as a new parent, where do you begin?

In today’s information heavy world, when it comes to parenting, it is increasingly difficult to know who to listen to, what to do, and where to go.

Emma Jenner is a child development and child behavioral specialist. Known for her role as host of TLC’s “Take Home Nanny,” Emma is a formally trained British Nanny with over a decade of in-home childcare experience working with families in the UK and across the United States.

Founder of the consulting service, Emma’s Children, she now brings her expertise in childcare and treasure trove of behavioral knowledge to your family.

Is there a “method” to all this and just who is credible?

Emma’s natural ability to communicate with parents and children allows her to bring the gift of peaceful relationships to you and your family whilst treating every child as an individual.

In a world increasingly focused on mass solutions Emma will carefully craft a customized solution to parenting for you, your family and most importantly, your child.

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