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Book Review: The Bug Barians

Marty Byk’s children’s book, “The Bug Barians,” is a witty, action-packed story that follows the adventures of five brave Viking bugs. Dressed in full medieval garb, these bugs work together as superheroes… of a different sort.

Byk’s characters are well developed and each has something distinct about them. Do not let the title fool you. Although it is about bugs, your daughter will even take an interest when she sees the strong and beautiful female characters. Pig-tailed and stylish, the girl bugs prove that they can be both feminine and strong. These girls can definitely keep up with the male bugs.

There really is a character for every child to relate to, and to pick a favorite. Even a Jamaican, dreadlocked bug. I love that the bugs show flaws but make up for lacking in something with other good qualities. It’s brilliant, and sends a great message to children.

The illustrations are excellent. Their vibrancy really makes them pop and helps to truly define each bug character. Not to mention, the clever names are sure to make your child giggle.

“The Bug Barians” adventures lie in escaping from different, larger animals that they seem to always cause trouble with. Their arch nemesis, the squirrel, makes for a hilarious encounter as you follow them through a chase scene. It’s just another “totally Bug Barian day” for the rowdy crew.

I would recommend this book to children 7 years and up because the writing is pretty detailed and has some longer paragraphs. The descriptive writing encourages your child to really imagine the setting and the surroundings of the bug characters. It’s the perfect choice for a child that loves adventure!

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Todd Parr – Go Green With Your Kids!

Educating our youth on the environment and the idea of “going green” is important and not to be overlooked. Extremely popular and talented children’s author Todd Parr has just the answer to introducing this idea to your kids. Not to mention his illustrations are absolutely adorable and adults will love his books too.

The EARTH Book by Todd Parr has received the 2011 Green Earth Book Award! It even includes your child’s own foldout GO GREEN checklist.

If you’re a technology junkie and your kids are constantly checking out your iPad, view Todd’s books in the new “Picture Book Format,” available through the iBooks app in the iBookstore. Todd’s books come to life right on the iPad and Nook Color and look amazing. The pages look like this: (Also released through Audio Book and eBook on iPod touch or iPhone).

Keep your eyes open for Todd Parr’s new release this August, The I’m NOT SCARED Book.

Enjoy quality time and read with your child every night!

Eric Carle, Still Impressing Kids at 81

Most famously known for his children’s classics The Very Hungry Caterpillar and Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?, Eric Carle is timeless in the hearts of many kids and parents.

Carle offers great downloads on his Web site for your kids! Download a coloring page (like the one below), print and easy as 1,2,3 your kids are occupied creating original art from their favorite stories. Collage-making instructions and games are also available for older kids!

I recently stumbled upon Carle’s excellent blog in which he writes wonderful childhood memories and background on his creative process.

Inspired by his love of nature, Carle encourages teaching children about the world around them. We often don’t pay enough attention to all the beauty offered by our surroundings.

If you have seen an Eric Carle book, you know his illustration art. It is instantly recognizable because of his technique. Carle using collages where he cuts and layers hand-painted paper. His images are super bright and colorful and have caught the eyes of millions of children around the world.

His photo and video gallery showcases his specialized techniques. You can also sit the kids down in front of the computer to get a personal reading from Carle himself.

This is a chance for a great Web interaction with your kids.

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