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Book Giveaway!

The lovely team at Twigtale is running a giveaway of my book, Keep Calm and Parent On.

Head over to their Facebook page and let them know your favorite “Keep Calm” saying in the comments and voila, you’re entered!

Good luck & keep calm,


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Mother’s Day Giveaway!

Win an advanced copy of Keep Calm and Parent On, my new book debuting July 15th published by Simon & Schuster.


It’s wonderful that we have Mother’s Day to recognize and appreciate all that mother’s do, but let’s not limit it to one day a year.

The first chapter in my book is called “The Dignified Parent: For Mum and Dad” where I talk about the importance of taking care of you. It’s the first chapter because I feel it’s the most important. Being a good parent does not mean negating all of your own needs.

Some of my tips for moms include:

  • Make sure you’re getting enough sleep
  • Don’t let everything revolve around your children
  • Cut yourself some slack, things won’t always be perfect
  • Ask for help
  • Keep calm and keep smiling… even when you may want to scream!

This Mother’s Day, and everyday, take some time for you.

Share this blog or retweet to be entered in my giveaway! Don’t forget to tag me @emmaschildren

Much love,


Todd Parr Giveaway!

Storypanda Books and I are thrilled to announce a giveaway in honor of back-to-school! Starting this Friday, September 6th, you can enter to win a FREE COPY of Todd Parr’s It’s Okay to be Different!

We’ll be giving away 2 print copies of It’s Okay to be Different …but don’t forget you can also buy Storypanda’s in-app purchase and take Todd’s book with you wherever you go!

I’m making this giveaway SUPER simple! All I’m asking is for you to:

  1. Comment on this blog post with why you and your child love Todd Parr
  2. Tweet using handles @Emmaschildren & @Storypanda saying you’ve entered and follow us 🙂


Emma xx


Giveaway: “The Food Allergy Mama” Cookbook.

Happy Friday everyone! I want to let you know that my new giveaway is starting in 3 hours! If you enjoyed my review of Kelly Rudnicki’s “The Food Allergy Mama” cookbook, you can now enter to win your own signed copy!

Follow this link to the Emma’s Children Facebook page and it will take you straight to my ‘Rewards & Giveaways’ page. You can enter using your e-mail or Facebook and then Follow on Twitter & Tweet for extra entries!

Good luck!

Xx Emma


Holiday Giveaway!

Just in time for the holidays… I’m announcing a new giveaway! I have one amazing Baby Bjorn product up for grabs! This giveaway is for one Babysitter Balance bouncer. A $150 value!!

Your child will love the fun, natural rocking. Rocking is soothing and helps development. It will help your child’s motor skills as they move and kick their legs to rock the chair. Their movements make the bouncer rock – no hook ups or batteries required.

The Babysitter Balance’s ergonomic design properly supports your child’s back and head. Plus, it’s made with pure organic cotton and materials.

Want to win it?? Just retweet our giveaway tweet on Twitter or share the giveaway post from our Emma’s Children Facebook page and you’ll be automatically entered to win!


Book Review: The Bug Barians

Marty Byk’s children’s book, “The Bug Barians,” is a witty, action-packed story that follows the adventures of five brave Viking bugs. Dressed in full medieval garb, these bugs work together as superheroes… of a different sort.

Byk’s characters are well developed and each has something distinct about them. Do not let the title fool you. Although it is about bugs, your daughter will even take an interest when she sees the strong and beautiful female characters. Pig-tailed and stylish, the girl bugs prove that they can be both feminine and strong. These girls can definitely keep up with the male bugs.

There really is a character for every child to relate to, and to pick a favorite. Even a Jamaican, dreadlocked bug. I love that the bugs show flaws but make up for lacking in something with other good qualities. It’s brilliant, and sends a great message to children.

The illustrations are excellent. Their vibrancy really makes them pop and helps to truly define each bug character. Not to mention, the clever names are sure to make your child giggle.

“The Bug Barians” adventures lie in escaping from different, larger animals that they seem to always cause trouble with. Their arch nemesis, the squirrel, makes for a hilarious encounter as you follow them through a chase scene. It’s just another “totally Bug Barian day” for the rowdy crew.

I would recommend this book to children 7 years and up because the writing is pretty detailed and has some longer paragraphs. The descriptive writing encourages your child to really imagine the setting and the surroundings of the bug characters. It’s the perfect choice for a child that loves adventure!

Stay tuned for our social media giveaway to win your very own copy of The Bug Barians!

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